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  • One begins to wonder if there is any justice in Clarksville, a Military town where we are raised among heroes. When a resident calls the ADA's office, writes a letter begging to have them simply LOOK INTO cyber crimes and proven false accusations - with graphs, charts, and proof - and the DA's office doesn't even BOTHER to acknowledge the request for assistance you wonder who is it that they are working for. Obviously not residents with real issues and real concerns looking to protect themselves, their children and their welfare. When did the District Attorney's office become so lackadaisical and selective in who gets their undivided attention and when did respect fly out of their hallowed windows?
    By fathersrightsfan
  • This is a great place to go for outdoor furniture, sheds or any outdoor item/structure. We bought a shed a few years ago and couldn't be more pleased. Brian not only matched our house perfectly but installed it in a pretty tight spot. Last weekend we stopped to look at outdoor furniture - the selection, in every color combination and in material that will last and last, was just great. Can't wait for it to be delivered. Great service, nice people.
    By Karen B.
  • They will rip you off and are no good as a buissness I give only one star for their performance as a company
    By Dan A.

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